Hats Barn – Y​.​a​.​HW​.​e​.​H (2022)

Hats Barn - Y​.​a​.​HW​.​e​.​H (2022)

Artist: Hats Barn
Album: Y​.​a​.​HW​.​e​.​H
Release Date: 2022
Country: France
Genre: Black Metal
Format: MP3
Quality: 320kbps
Size: 105MB

Little snippets from this album, for prelistening only:


1.Opening – Ten Psalms Of Death And Khaos 02:37
2.Baal-Zebub 04:53
3.YHWH 02:10
4.In Nomine Leprosy 04:06
5.Under the pillars of daath 04:09
6.Total Death Kult 05:47
7.Walpurgis of Seth 03:12
8.Absence of faith 04:36
9.Que le sang coule dans les fleuves 04:16
10.The man returns to dust 06:44

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Hats Barn – Y​.​a​.​HW​.​e​.​H (2022)