Paganizer – Beyond The Macabre (2022)

Paganizer - Beyond The Macabre (2022)

Artist: Paganizer
Album: Beyond The Macabre
Release Date: 2022
Country: Sweden
Genre: Old School Death Metal
Format: MP3
Quality: 320kbps
Size: 90MB

Little snippets from this album, for prelistening only:


1.Down The Path Of Decay 03:14
2.Left Behind To Rot 03:17
3.Meatpacker 02:57
4.Sleepwalker 03:15
5.Succumb To The Succubus 03:24
6.Raving Rhymes Of Rot 05:10
7.Beyond The Macabre 04:29
8.Menschenfresser 02:48
9.You Are What You Devour 04:42 video
10.Unpeaceful End (ft. Karl Willetts of BOLT THROWER) 06:05

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Paganizer – Beyond The Macabre (2022)