Vomitrot – Rotten Vomit (2022)

Vomitrot - Rotten Vomit (2022)

Artist: Vomitrot
Album: Rotten Vomit
Release Date: 2022
Country: Sweden
Genre: Death Metal
Format: MP3
Quality: 320kbps
Size: 86MB

Little snippets from this album, for prelistening only:


1.Apex Vomit 03:20
2.Primitive Puke 03:05
3.Emesis 02:42
4.Vomiting Unholy Gore 03:39
5.Pus Belcher 03:06
6.Vomiting Black Sludge Upon the Crushed Skulls of Our Enemies (interlude) 02:15
7.Upheaval of Vomit 04:00
8.Primordial Vomit Rites 04:05
9.Fossilized Neanderthal Puke 03:47
10.Rotten Vomit 02:05
11.Bludgeoned by Puke 05:20

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Vomitrot – Rotten Vomit (2022)