Tivra – Divine Moments Of Tivra (2022)

Tivra - Divine Moments Of Tivra (2022)

Artist: Tivra
Album: Divine Moments Of Tivra
Release Date: 2022
Genre: Psychedelic
Format: MP3
Quality: 320 Kbps
Size: 409.88 MB

Little snippets from this album, for prelistening only:


01-Stress Relief (Intro) (Original Mix)-Tivra-2:15
02-Aham Bhramasmi (I Am God)-Tivra-6:25
03-Difting Shiva (Original Mix)-Tivra-7:28
04-Cirque Do Rajo (Original Mix)-Tivra-5:49
05-Bham Bham Bhole (Original Mix)-Tivra-10:31
06-Songs For Serial Killers To Get Laid To (Original Mix)-Tivra & Alien Lazer Baby-8:37
07-Divine Moments (Original Mix)-Tivra-9:00
08-Yoginaadham (Original Mix)-Dattativra-7:16
09-Hari Om Narayana (Original Mix)-Tivra-6:30
10-Chamakaprashnaha (Original Mix)-Tivra-5:08
11-Forgive Me (Original Mix)-Tivra-7:41
12-Nostalgia Is Overrated (Original Mix)-Tivra-8:05
13-Interlude (Original Mix)-Tivra-1:21
14-Love Is The Key Around (Original Mix)-Tivra-10:39
15-Shiva Power (Original Mix)-Dattativra-8:50
16-I Love Myself (Original Mix)-Tivra-7:01
17-Shivaaya (Original Mix)-Tivra-8:16
18-Kuch Kuch Hora Hai (Original Mix)-Tivra-7:19
19-Shiva Floyd Mantra (Original Mix)-Tivra-10:37
20-Rambo (Original Mix)-Tivra-6:44
21-Shakti Power (Original Mix)-Tivra-6:05
22-Love And Hate (Original Mix)-Tivra-6:20
23-Hail Hydra (Original Mix)-Tivra-8:27
24-Ganapathi Blues (Original Mix)-Tivra & Xydur-10:09
25-Om Namah Shivaaya (Outro)-Tivra-2:33

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Tivra – Divine Moments Of Tivra (2022)