Sarah Louise – Earth Bow (2021)

Sarah Louise - Earth Bow (2021)

Artist: Sarah Louise
Album: Earth Bow
Release Date: 2021
Genre: Indie Folk
Format: MP3
Quality: 320Kbps
Size: 137 Mb

Little snippets from this album, for prelistening only:


01 – Where the Owl HumsJewel the the BlueridgeMossy SlopeSummertime Moves SlowEarth Wakes Up
02 – Your DreamsSurrender to the NightIf You Build a Pond the Frogs Will ComeWhere Heron Fish at DawnHealers Circle Up
03 – Where the Owl Hums (Single Version)
04 – Jewel of the Blueridge (Single Version)
05 – Mossy Slope (Single Version)
06 – Earth Wakes Up (Single Version)
07 – Your Dreams (Single Version)
08 – If You Build a Pond the Frogs Will Come (Single Version)
09 – Where Heron Fish at Dawn (Single Version)

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Sarah Louise – Earth Bow (2021)