Ancient Oak (Jakprogresso, IDE & Alucard) – Ye Olde Wisdom (2020)

Ancient Oak (Jakprogresso, IDE & Alucard) - Ye Olde Wisdom (2020)

Artist: Ancient Oak (Jakprogresso, IDE & Alucard)
Album: Ye Olde Wisdom
Release Date: 2020
Genre: RnB, Hip-Hop, Rap
Format: MP3
Quality: 320 kbps
Size: 170.42 MB

Short audio cuts from album:


01. Intro (prod. by IDE)
02. Hellbent (prod. by Jakprogresso & IDE)
03. Amphibious Sky Vehicle (prod. by Kryptonite)
04. Rabbit Hole (prod. by Kryptonite)
05. Dead Heir (prod. by IDE)
06. Bloody Oak (prod. by Kryptonite)
07. Circle Breathing (prod. by IDE)
08. Outkast (prod. by IDE)
09. Mountain Kings (prod. by IDE)
10. Mushroom Freestyle (prod. by 2 Hungry Bros)
11. Black Cloaks (prod. by 2 Hungry Bros)
12. Christian Rap (prod. by Kryptonite)
13. Magic Man (prod. by Jakprogresso & IDE)
14. For The Lambs (prod. by IDE)
15. Hate Me (prod. by Kryptonite)
16. Walk Alone (prod. by Kryptonite)
17. Frowns Up (prod. by Kryptonite)
18. Dark Cloud Interlude (prod. by IDE)
19. Wretch (prod. by Jakprogresso & IDE)
20. Snatch And Grab (prod. by IDE)
21. Superior Knowledge feat. Savage Messiah (prod. by IDE)
22. Scattered (prod. by Jakprogresso & IDE)
23. Ancient Scriptures feat. L.I.F.E. Long (prod. by IDE)
24. Swamp Vapors (prod. by Kryptonite)
25. Burnt Drawbridge (prod. by Kryptonite)
26. Ravenous (prod. by IDE)
27. Mineshaft Outro (prod. by IDE)

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Ancient Oak (Jakprogresso, IDE & Alucard) – Ye Olde Wisdom (2020)