Moiscus – Oligophrenic Anthropoids (2021)

Moiscus - Oligophrenic Anthropoids (2021)

Artist: Moiscus
Album: Oligophrenic Anthropoids
Release Date: 2021
Country: United States
Genre: Slamming Goregrind
Format: MP3
Quality: 320kbps
Size: 30MB

Little snippets from this album, for prelistening only:


1.Golden Excrement 01:04
2.Humanoid Muck 01:00
3.Asses To Elbows 01:14
4.Flintstone Batoon 00:56
5.Redundant Insertion Of Vertebrae 01:12
6.Gummo Jumanji 01:20
7.Hamfisted 00:54
8.I Cannot Smell Or Taste The Mucus 00:57
9.Fetal Nasal Development 01:15
10.High Viscosity Eggsack Spewage 00:59
11.Gargantuan Subspecies Taxonomy 01:22

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Moiscus – Oligophrenic Anthropoids (2021)