Modern Boots – Tell Me the Reason (2021)

Modern Boots - Tell Me the Reason (2021)

Artist: Modern Boots
Album: Tell Me the Reason
Release Date: 2021
Lable: Beach Club Records
Country: Netherlands
Genre: Synthpop, Italo Disco
Format: MP3
Quality: 320kbps

Little snippets from this album, for prelistening only:


1. Tell Me the Reason You Said Goodbye (Extended Vocal Fantasy Mix) (6:18)
2. A Lonely Romance (6:21)
3. Boulevard of My Dreams (Extended Vocal Fantasy Mix) (7:41)
4. Tears of a Broken Heart (Extended Vocal Fantasy Mix) (5:37)
5. It’s Not Too Late (5:16)
6. Deep in Love (Extended Vocal Fantasy Mix) (5:07)
7. A Broken Memory (6:51)
8. I Gave You My Heart, Believe It Or Not (7:12)
9. You’re My Love, You’re My Life (Extended Vocal Fantasy Mix) (5:45)
10. My Final Romance (6:30)
11. It’s Long Ago (Extended Vocal Fantasy Mix) (6:50)
12. My Lonely Heart (6:11)

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Modern Boots – Tell Me the Reason (2021)