Orden Ogan – Land Of The Dead (2020) (Japanese Edition) (Compilation)

Orden Ogan – Land Of The Dead (2020) (Japanese Edition) (Compilation)

Artist: Orden Ogan
Album: Land Of The Dead
Release: 2020
Genre: Folk Metal (early), Power Metal (later)
Format: mp3
Quality: 320 kbps
Size: 257 mb


Disc One

01. The Things We Believe In
02. Come with Me to the Other Side
03. Land Of The Dead
04. The Face of Silence
05. Too Soon
06. We Are Pirates
07. Vampire in Ghost Town
08. Winds Of Vale
09. Gunman
10. Nobody Leaves

Disc Two

01. Down Here
02. Goodbye
03. The Battle Of Waterloo
04. One Last Chance
05. Ashen Rain
06. Till The Stars Cry Out
07. Here At The End Of The World
08. Dying Paradise
09. Fields of Sorrow
10. This Is

Short cuts from album: