I-Robots – Laws Of Robotics : 2020 (2020)

I-Robots – Laws Of Robotics : 2020 (2020)

Artist: I-Robots
Album: Laws Of Robotics : 2020 (2020)
Year of Release: 2020
Genre: Disco, Nu-Disco, Dance, Pop
Format: MP3
Quality: 320kbps
Size: 358 MB


01.Brother Man (Hiroshi Watanabe Kaito remix) 8:05
02.Brother Man (Red Axes remix) 9:16
03.Come To Harm (Danny Ocean Nightlife Revision) 7:45
04.Come To Harm (Djembe Monks Zimbabwe Session) 6:50
05.Come To Harm (Kuniyuki Double Organ dub remix) 8:44
06.Kind Of Intrigue (Alexander Robotnick remix) 5:58
07.Kind Of Intrigue (Daniele Baldelli & Marco Diogini remix) 5:28
08.Own Existence (Gary Martin Teknotika remix) 7:31
09.Own Existence (Los Hermanos remix) 7:44
10.Perfect Logic Circle (feat Harry Dennis) 10:30
11.Perfect Logic Circle (feat Harry Dennis – DJ Minx’s Queen Be 6:51
12.Perfect Logic Circle (feat Harry Dennis – Francois K Main mi 9:41
13.Perfect Logic Circle (feat Harry Dennis – M. Caporale remix) 7:34
14.Perfect Logic Circle (Mark Evemport remix – feat Harry Denni 6:13
15.Perfect Logic Circle (Riggel dub remix – feat Harry Dennis) 6:24
16.Perfect Logic Circle (G. Digger edit – feat Marconi) 10:55
17.Perfect Logic Circle (Santiago Salazar remix – feat Marconi) 4:54
18.Zeroth Law (vocal version – feat Mike Anderson & Demented Ma 5:33
19.Zeroth Law (Mr. Raoul K Ivory Coast version Take I – feat Mi 7:21
20.Zeroth Law (Santiago Salazar Confusion version – feat Mike A 5:42

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