Various Artists – Smooth Funk (2019)

Various Artists – Smooth Funk (2019)

Artist: Various Artists
Album: Smooth Funk
Year of Release: 2019
Genre: Funk
Format: mp3
Quality: 320 kbps
Size: 228


01. Sweetest Smile and the Funkiest Style Hey Now Hey (Outtake)
02. Do It In the Name of Love
03. Hold On, I’m Comin’
04. Do You Really Want an Answer_
05. Gettin’ Funkier All the Time
06. Rapid Fire
07. South California Purples
08. Somebody to Love
09. Night People
10. Idle Hands
11. What Can You Bring Me
12. Flashbacks Nigger Woman
13. Mr. Friend
14. Wrap It up (Single Version)
15. You’re So Wonderful, So Marvelous
16. Dance Contest
17. 65 Bars and a Taste of Soul (Mono Single Version)
18. My Special Lover
19. Do You Dance, Pt. 1 (Single Version)
20. Spirit
21. Ain’t Got No Money
22. Funky Park
23. Vôo sobre o horizonte
24. Junia

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