YNOM Yung Mula – The Crucifix (12-05-2018)

YNOM Yung Mula – The Crucifix (12-05-2018)

Artist: YNOM Yung Mula
Title: The Crucifix
Data Release: (12-05-2018)
Genre: R&B, Rap, Hip-Hop
Format: mp3


1. Graveyard ft Calvin Ricks
2. Let Me Live ft Lady
3. Play wit Me ft Moneybagz
4. Drug User
5. Take Your Time
6. In My Hands
7. Jaidens Shoe
8. Heartbeat ft M3
9. Roger That
11. Bestfriend ft Jerro
12. Terror ft Moneybagz
13. RAIN

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