Swang Hard – Swang Gang (09-14-2018)

Swang Hard – Swang Gang (09-14-2018)

Artist: Swang Hard
Title: Swang Gang
Data Release: (09-14-2018)
Genre: R&B, Rap, Hip-Hop
Format: mp3


1. Ahead Of My Time (Lil Keke, Chico and Joe Phats)
2. Trap Trap Trap (Green, Killa Kyleon and LSB)
3. Brixx (X-Man, Joe Phats and AK)
4. Crown N Coca Cola (Joe Phats and LSB)
5. Stupid Muthafukka (Rasheed and Zone 28grams)
6. Rick Flair (Chico)
7. Bang (LSB and Lil Flip)
8. Hustlas N Dealas (Green, Rasheed and Joe Phats)
9. Menace
10. Go N Get It (Green, Joe Phats and X-Man)
11. Y.A.N.G.P (Torey Lanez, Mezzy Don and Green)
12. Say Goodbye (Green and Point Blank)
13. I Dnt Believe U (Joe Phats, Eddie-O and Green)
14. Vibin (Lil Flip and Joe Phats)
15. Motivation (GT Garza and Chico)
16. Swang
17. Run Up A Check (Joe Phats and LSB)
18. Freestyle (Country P, Joe Phats and Zone 28grams)
19. Incarcerated (Big Body)
20. Gimme A Sign (J-Mex, Brother Bryan and Green)
21. Numb (LSB and Lady Bishop)
22. Trap Boy (Country P and Joe Phats)
23. Whippit (Green, LSB and Joe Phats)

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