ElectroNobody – Cyber Heart (2018)

ElectroNobody – Cyber Heart (2018)

Artist: ElectroNobody
Title: Cyber Heart
Country: Russia
Year of Release: 2018
Genre: Synthwave, Darksynth, Breakcore
Format: mp3
Quality: 320 kbps
Size: 276 mb


01. The Cyborgs Assault
02. Battlefield (feat. Maxi Wild)
03. Children of Entropy
04. Digital Soul
05. Resurrection
06. Follow Me (feat. Courtney Lee)
07. Ghost Power
08. Retropolis
09. Cyber Heart
10. Android Love
11. Snowfall (feat. Maxi Wild)
12. Sweet Dreams (feat. Courtney Lee)
13. Toltec’s Way (feat. Archix’)
14. Digital Soul (Archix’ Remix)
15. Ghost Power (Sergie Mercury Remix)
16. Digital Soul (Sebastian Komor Remix)
17. Battlefield (Instrumental)
18. Digital Soul (Instrumental)
19. Follow Me (Instrumental)
20. Ghost Power (Instrumental)
21. Cyber Heart (Instrumental)
22. Snowfall (Instrumental)
23. Sweet Dreams (Instrumental)
24. Digital Soul (Instrumental) (Archix’ Remix)
25. Ghost Power (Instrumental) (Sergie Mercury Remix)
26. Digital Soul (Instrumental) (Sebastian Komor Remix)

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